the event 1108 320 'The Event' recap: Back Alley SurgeryOkay, remember Vice President Jarvis? He’s been in four or five scenes, I think. The most interesting one was the time he accused Sterling of being behind the assassination plot. Here’s what we learn about him in this episode: he’s a Republican who campaigned with President Martinez (who’s a Democrat) to create a bipartisan ticket. He’s mobbed up with Hal Holbrook’s character, Mr. Dempsey. He was in on the assassination attempt because he believed it was important to keep the detainees from being released. And now he’s dead because a van exploded right next to him. Unfortunately for him, the global conspiracy is very good at guessing what route people are going to take when they cross parking lots.

Meanwhile (or at some unspecified time in the future or the past), Sean and Leila are having a hard time escaping. A goon survives the exploding Hacker-Lair and manages to shoot Sean before getting pummeled with rebar. So naturally Leila has no choice but to drive to the local hospital and kidnap a doctor so she can force him at gunpoint to perform emergency surgery in a grimy drug store alley.

Also, Vicki got assigned to kill Jarvis, but she decided it was more fun to shoot goons instead. So now she’s presumably on the run from the conspiracy. Oh, and Mr. Hal “Dempsey” Holbrook can change from “old man” to “smooth-faced youngster” for about ten seconds. Does that do anything for you?

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