the event face off 320 'The Event' recap: The Unknown BiocatalystSean and Vicky fly from Moscow to JFK so they can stay on the same flight as the tainted lungs. There’s no word on how they got to Moscow from Murmansk, which is over 900 miles away. They do a very poor job at identifying the courier, so the plane eventually lands and the lungs disappear in the parking garage when Vicky finds herself unable to shoot someone.

Jarvis takes over the Presidency and his first act is to announce that the aliens are going to be left alone. Then he fires Sterling for accusing him of poisoning Martinez and starts taking orders from Sophia. So that’s not working out too well for him.

And in Alientown, Michael finally decides to rebel against Sophia. This takes the form of freeing Simon and getting shot dead. Leila has a chance to escape, but she chooses to wait next to her dying father instead. So now she doesn’t have any family at all, except for the little sister she’s completely forgotten about. But when Simon escapes, he has the antidote for the president’s coma, so that’s something.

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