fashion show bravo david dominique 320 'The Fashion Show': Hot mess time machine

The ragamuffins (as we have come to affectionately call the contestants of “The Fashion Show”) had two big challenges this week and their names were David and Dominique. Seriously, get a room. We got shivers watching them flirt with each other, but not the good kind.
Otherwise, the two houses had to design lines inspired by certain years from the past and using plaid (because Iman happens to like plaid? Go figure). Most of the designers had an easy time of it, but a couple just couldn’t get their act together. Golnessa couldn’t figure out what she wanted to do and Rolondo AKA Ro designed above his own skill level. So, what made the difference? Cesar.
fashion show bravo david 500 'The Fashion Show': Hot mess time machine
Iman is like my grandma, but hotter.
While in previous challenges, Cesar helped Ro quite a bit – even after he switched houses – it seemed he didn’t want to lose again. After all, Iman expected him to help the House of Emerald to win. And you don’t want to disappoint Iman. So, while he agonized watching Ro struggle, he didn’t help bail him out. Instead, he helped Golnessa and created a fifth look (which looked like an oversized napkin, but it was extra), which helped deliver the team’s first win.
And what about Ro? Well, he just couldn’t pull together his first design. So, instead of fixing it, he scrapped the skirt and started over. Then, he simplified his design and basically bored the judges into eliminating him.
Did you agree with Ro’s ousting?
Posted by:Jethro Nededog