the finder hodgins crossover 'The Finder': TJ Thyne talks 'Bones' crossover, 'Little Green Men'

Tonight’s episode of “The Finder” (Feb. 23) features a very familiar face: TJ Thyne, also known as Dr. Jack Hodgins from “Bones,” stops by his sister show for a very special crossover event.
When Zap2it visited the set of the crossover episode, called “Little Green Men,” Thyne told us that he was excited his character was the next person from the “Bones” world to visit Geoff Stults‘ expert object locator Walter Sherman in Florida. 
“I’ve been bugging [creator] Hart Hanson ever since I heard that ‘The Finder’ was going to happen to be able to come onto the show,” Thyne says.
Hodgins, a known conspiracy theorist, asks for Walter’s help in finding a UFO. “Even though he doesn’t agree with him, Walter takes Jack seriously. He actually believes that there’s something to find and he’s willing to go out there. And that’s something Booth has never even done.”

Ultimately, though Walter doesn’t really believe in aliens and Jack definitely does, Thyne says the men come to respect each other. “I believe that in the end of this, Jack is a big fan of Walter. But during it, they’re just head to head on these things,” he says. “These two characters together, it’s really fun. It’s a nice mix.”
Check out our on-set video for more of Thyne’s thoughts on aliens, the crossover and playing the same character on a different show.

Posted by:Jean Bentley