the flash first image arrow spinoff grant gustin barry allen cw 'The Flash': First photo of Grant Gustin's costume in the 'Arrow' spinoff

“The Flash,” a spinoff series of “Arrow” Season 2, has started production on its pilot. And now the show has released the first image of Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) as the Flash.

As is the case in the DC Comics version of the superhero, Flash’s costume is red and appears to be rather skintight. The photo shows only the head, but a helmet-like top, the “flash” symbol in yellow and what may be a chin-guard are all visible.

Underneath it all, Barry looks rather pleased with himself.

This version of Barry Allen first appeared in the “Arrow” episode, “The Scientist,” in December. Barry returned home to Central City after two episodes, only to get caught up in a plasma explosion mixed with some odd chemistry and lightning.

As of now, “Arrow” has mentioned that Barry remains in a coma after the incident. He may not wake up until the “Flash” pilot. If picked up by The CW, that episode of television should air in Fall 2014.

Posted by:Laurel Brown