the following betrayal recap 'The Following' Season 2, episode 12 recap: Mandy, Claire and Carrie make terrible decisions in 'Betrayal' It was not a banner day for the females on “The Following” on Monday (April 7). Mandy, Claire and Carrie all made some absolutely terrible decisions during “Betrayal,” but only one of them lost their lives as a result. So who died?

Oh, Mandy. Poor, sweet, not-so-innocent Mandy. You could not have made a dumber decision than running away from Joe straight into the arms of the one woman who wants to see him hurt — other than Ryan and Claire, of course, but still just as murder-y. Yeah, Mandy escaped from Korben to meet up with Lily and her sons Luke and Mark, and they played her like a fiddle.

All Lily wanted was the location of Joe, but even though Mandy was not a fan of Joe’s new “family,” she was loyal … until the very end. At least Mandy got to hear Joe tell her that he loves her over the phone before Luke and Mark killed her. Despite Mandy’s poor choices, she definitely proved her loyalty in her final moments.

And then, since this is Luke and Mark and Lily that we’re talking about, they staged a family dinner with Mandy’s corpse after killing her. Brutal. RIP Mandy.

Mandy wasn’t the only one making stupid decisions during the episode, but so far she’s the only one who’s had to pay with her life. Claire finally got her reunion with Ryan a year after her “death,” but she is so determined to kill Joe that she blew her witness protection detail and revealed herself to Carrie, offering to go on Carrie’s show to reveal to the world that she’s alive. She thinks that it might throw Joe off his game when really all it does is paint yet another target on Claire and Joey’s back. Oh honey, there’s a reason you went into witness protection in the first place. And everyone knows the first rule of witness protection, right? You don’t talk about witness protection. Or something like that.

And last but certainly not least, there was Carrie’s dumb decision. Though it could be argued that she was just saving her own skin. Joe’s followers tracked Carrie down and attacked her FBI bodyguards (the sound of that crowbar whacking that poor guy was graphic, no?) to deliver her a video message for her to play on her show again. Ryan told her not to play it since it could be a coded message to his followers and they had no idea what playing it could do, but since the followers threatened to murder her and anyone she’s ever cared about if she didn’t, well … you know where this is going. She played the message — which was really just a warning to some priest preaching about Joe being the antichrist that Joe was coming for him — and Max and Mike got super pissed at her.
As for Ryan, he’s always making stupid decisions that end up being the smartest thing, so no judgements of his actions here. He followed a few of Joe’s followers straight to Korben, and he’s about to come face to face with Joe. But he didn’t call for backup (and he tossed his phone) because he wants to kill Joe, not arrest him, so something tells us this isn’t going to go smoothly. Please don’t die, Ryan!
As “The Following” gears up for its final episodes of Season 2, it looks like there’s going to be one massive showdown at Korben between Joe, Lily and Ryan, with the FBI and police scrambling to get there in time to prevent any murders. Who do you think will come out on top? Will anyone survive the blowout or is it just mutually assured destruction at this point?

“The Following” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on FOX.
Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum