the following jessica stroup max hardy 'The Following' Season 2 first look: Meet Jessica Stroup's NYC cop Max HardyWhile anyone on “The Following” is potentially working for Joe Carroll’s serial-killing cabal, one of the good guys we’ll meet in Season 2 (premiering Sunday, Jan. 19 at 10:30 p.m. on FOX) is Max Hardy, Ryan’s niece. Well, she she starts out good — this is a Kevin Williamson show, so anyone could end up working for the enemy.

We’ll be introduced to Max, played by “90210” star Jessica Stroup, in the Season 2 premiere as she helps her uncle with his investigation. Want to know more about her? Check out Zap2it‘s exclusive featurette, below.

“She’s a New York City cop … in the intel division,” explains Stroup. “She helps Ryan navigate how to get to these people who are creating so much havoc in New York.”

It’s no coincidence that Max has followed Ryan into the family business. “Max has always wanted a relationship with him,” says Williamson. “Max idolizes him; Max loves him. It’s really important that they stay together.”

Adds Kevin Bacon, “This character of Max gives me an opportunity to sort of open up and relate to somebody in my family on a deeper personal level.”

After its special post-football preview on Sunday, “The Following” moves to its regular Monday-night home starting Jan. 27. Take a look at the video:

Posted by:Jean Bentley