the following valorie curry emma dies 'The Following's' Valorie Curry says goodbye: 'I'm sad to see Emma go' “The Following” said goodbye to one of the series’ main characters in the April 21 episode. After a long, brutal knife fight with Claire, Emma lost the upper hand and died, alone, in the snow. It was a sad but much-deserved death, as Emma has been a villain on the FOX serial killer thriller since day one. But seeing a main character go was shocking nonetheless.

Zap2it got Valorie Curry on the line to talk about her big death scene, her favorite moments on the series and whether or now we’ll see Emma again in the future. Check out the full Q&A below.

Zap2it: I can’t believe Emma’s dead! I was in shock after watching your big death scene. I totally did not see that coming.
Valorie Curry: I’m glad you were surprised!

So when did you find out Emma wasn’t making it through the season alive?
I found out about two weeks before we shot it, while we were shooting episode 13. It was actually Valentine’s Day, and Marcos Siega, the director and producer, knocked on my door. So I opened my door and he had this apologetic look on his face. So I was like, “It’s okay, I know,” and I ended up comforting him. [laughs] He actually ended up waiting a few days to tell me because he didn’t want to ruin my birthday.

How did you feel when you learned Emma’s fate?
I wasn’t surprised. I was honestly expecting it at this point. It made sense for the character, for her arc over the course of the season. Plus, it’s “The Following,” so you’re kind of constantly expecting to die. Anytime anybody knocks on your door, you’re suspicious. My reaction was emotional and definitely more personal because I am sad to see Emma go. I love her more than anybody in the world. Plus, our crew and our cast is like a family. These are such wonderful people that I’ve been able to work with the past couple of years. So I will definitely miss them.

And to die by the hands of Claire …
I still find it hard to swallow that she lost in a fight to Claire! [laughs] She must have been doing some serious training. Maybe kickboxing. She had some free time while in witness protection.

Exactly. I was completely expecting Emma to come out of that fight victorious. But it was a dirty, rough fight, so I guess it was anyone’s game. What was it like filming that scene?
It was intense. It moved really quickly and we didn’t have a lot of time to rehearse it. And it was crazy cold outside, which to a certain degree that makes your adrenaline kick in. But we had a good time. Natalie [Zea] and I had a lot of fun with our catfight last season, so to be able to finish with a knock-down, drag-out fight was a blast.

Talk a little bit about Emma’s motivation going into that fight. Why did she disobey Joe’s orders to call him when she found Claire, and instead go straight for her?
It wasn’t motivated by jealousy or about their romantic relationship or anything. It was more about how much control Claire has over Joe. She knows Claire and Ryan get under his skin and cause him to act irrationally in ways that no one else does, so it was more a matter of eliminating that factor. She didn’t want Claire to ruin everything again.

Now let’s discuss Emma’s last moments with Joe. That whole scene was so powerful, with Joe telling Emma that she’s always been the woman behind him and that he loved her and needed her, but when they hugged, his face changed. Was he telling the truth?
He had those dead shark eyes immediately. [laughs] He is a master manipulator. And at that point, Emma knows she’s being manipulated, but she loves him anyway. She’s willing to accept those crumbs that he’ll give her. She’d rather be miserable with him than miserable without him. And at that point, she’s ready to die and she knows that it’s goodbye. Not certainly, but it’s very, very likely. She knew that he was willing to sacrifice her, and that she was very possibly going to her death and he was going to his death. They were separating and they would very likely never see each other again.

By the looks of the promo for the Season 2 finale, Mark and Luke are going to be the big bad villains of the story instead of Joe. Would Emma be happy that Mark is avenging her death with Claire?
I’m thrilled by it! I’m glad somebody is. [laughs] We have yet to see Joe’s reaction, and that will be very telling as to whether or not he really cared about her, which a lot of people ask about. I think Emma would happy that somebody cared enough to avenge her because she’s very alone at the end. She dies alone. It’s really sad. And something I found touching at the beginning of the season was this shared connection despite the haphephobia between Mark and Emma, and the connection they could have had. But for her to die and not know that somebody truly cared about her is pretty tragic.

Looking back on the series as whole, do you have any favorite moments or scenes that you played as Emma?
Oh God, I’ve had so many moments that I’ve had a wonderful time doing. I loved the very first scene when Emma met Joe when she was 15. That was the first scene I got to shoot with James [Purefoy]. And this season I loved shooting with Sam [Underwood] when he played the twins and seeing how he could do that. And it was really great getting to interact with new characters like Tiffany [Boone] as Mandy.

So I have to ask, in light of both Joe and Claire coming back from the dead, is there any chance Emma survived that fight and we might see her again?
I think it’s totally possible we could see her again. It’s “The Following” — you never really know who’s going to die for real or who’s going to come back or miraculously survive. Maybe she’ll come back from the dead! Anything is possible.

“The Following” Season 2 finale airs Monday (April 28) at 9 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

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