the fosters kerr smith dawsons creek 'The Fosters' star Kerr Smith: Are the Quinns just like 'Dawson's Creek's' McPhees?What’s going on in the Quinn household? We’ll find out a little more about Callie’s birth father and his family in upcoming episodes of “The Fosters,” and judging from a dramatic new promo, things aren’t exactly as nice as they might appear on the surface.

Star Kerr Smith, who plays aforementioned birth father Robert Quinn, says some of the problems the Quinns are facing might be familiar for fans who watched him 15 years ago on “Dawson’s Creek.”

“You find out that not all is well in the Quinn household. Robert might be a great guy, but there’s definitely some problems in that family,” he tells Zap2it. “It’s kind of like the McPhees.”

It’s clear from the creepy horror movie music used in the promo that something is terribly wrong, but whether it might have something to do with mental illness, the death of a sibling (as faced by the McPhees in “Dawson’s Creek”) remains to be seen.

In “Say Something,” Stef will take Callie to meet her half-sister, Sophia (Bailee Madison), and Smith says it’s just one of the episodes in which you’ll learn more about Sophia and Robert’s wife.

“What I can say is that Robert is going to forge some kind of relationship with Callie, but we all know her character and how stubborn she can be so there are going to be some walls,” Smith says. “This summer’s going to be about that.”

Smith also says in addition to the upcoming Quinn family plot, “The Fosters” reminds him of “Dawson’s Creek” in other ways, too.

“It’s one of the best shows I’ve ever worked on in terms of the camaraderie over there,” he says. “It really reminds me a lot of ‘Dawson’s Creek.’ They make sure that everybody is just a big family. It’s really special.”

“The Fosters” airs on Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

Posted by:Jean Bentley