the fosters renewed season 2 abc family 'The Fosters' sneak peek: Brandon owns up to Callie running awayWhen ABC Family’s “The Fosters” returns for the second half of its first season in January, there will be no shortage of drama. The series, about a lesbian couple and their biological, adopted, and foster children, ended on a cliffhanger when Callie, their foster child, ran away after they offered to adopt her.

In the first footage from the next ten episodes, we see that Brandon owns up to being the reason Callie ran away (he kissed her); Callie in a detention center; Jesus confessing his love to Lexi, his girlfriend and the BFF of his twin sister, Mariana; Mariana wondering if Stef and Lena will question her adoption once they find out she’s been in contact with her drug addict birth mother; and a ton more drama. And that’s all in a minute-long promo.

We’ll also see some new faces this season, including, reports TVLine, “The Practice” vet Marla Sokoloff as the sober companion to Stef’s ex-husband, Mike.

“The Fosters” returns for the second half of Season 1 on January 13, 2014 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Posted by:Jean Bentley