the fosters season 1 finale brandon callie david lambert 'The Fosters' star David Lambert thinks Brandon can't let Callie go, plus a Season 1 finale sneak peekIt’s adoption day for Callie and Jude on the Season 1 finale of “The Fosters” — a happy culmination of the dramatic events that led to this point on ABC Family drama. But, since this is “The Fosters,” things aren’t necessarily going to go off without a hitch.

For Brandon, some “interesting” developments will cause the talented pianist to “shift gears” going into Season 2, star David Lambert teases. “It’s definitely going to change him and he’s going to have to adjust,” Lambert tells Zap2it ahead of the finale.

It’s a shame, too, because it seems that Brandon has finally snapped out of his rebellion and started concentrating on playing piano. He’s even about to try out for a youth symphony. Interestingly, Lambert says that although playing the piano is a big part of his character, it’s a skill that came up later on.

“Piano didn’t really come up that much in the audition process but it is actually a big part of my life,” he says. “I’ve been playing for about six years. I’m not as good as Brandon — I wish I was. I really connect with him and the music, and I really understand that.”

He continues, “I do it in my own life too; I use music as sort of an outlet for me. It’s definitely a big, important part of my life and Brandon is definitely going to use it more and more as a way to get things off his mind. It’s therapeutic for him. I think that will continue to develop and he’ll continue to explore music.”

Hopefully it’ll help get his mind off of Callie. Now that she’s officially getting adopted, she and Brandon can’t really be together — but Lambert says Brandon still might not be able to let the idea of a relationship go.

“It would be a lot easier if he could! I don’t think he can,” Lambert says. “He’s always going to have this really deep love for Callie, I suppose, but it’ll develop and it’ll change and I think they’re going to shift gears. What Callie needs right now is not Brandon as a boyfriend, as great as that would be. They may be happy, but she needs a family and he can’t take her family. She needs Stef and Lena, she needs a place for Jude, and he wants that [for her] more than anything. He’s put in a place where he’s forced to sit on the sidelines when it comes to that stuff.”

Below, watch an exclusive sneak peek from the finale, in which Brandon and Vico face off in front of the principal’s office. Tune in to Zap2it at 10 p.m. ET following the episode for more from Lambert about some of the episode’s crazy twists, and what they’ll mean for Season 2.

Posted by:Jean Bentley