the fosters brandon callie love premiere 'The Fosters' star Maia Mitchell: Brandon and Callie are in loveWhen Callie ran away from home after kissing her foster brother in the summer finale of “The Fosters,” she wasn’t giving up on a potential relationship with Brandon — she just didn’t know what to do. When the show returns on Monday (Jan. 13), the spark between the two teenagers will remain despite the fact that Callie is now on her own somewhere in the desert of Southern California.

“It’s a very complicated situation,” star Maia Mitchell succinctly puts it. “The restraints between Callie and Brandon have been the house and Callie needing to be adopted and Jude needing to be adopted above that. And now that Callie’s not in the house anymore — she’s basically refused the adoption, ran away, is wanting Jude to be adopted but doesn’t want to be a part of it — she can’t be around Brandon because she can’t be near the family.”

The truth is, though, that Callie loves Brandon, and despite the fact that they’re not living under the same roof anymore, their relationship will remain in some form or another.

“Brandon for Callie just represents safety, I think, and love. She loves him. They’re very in love and it sucks,” Mitchell tells Zap2it. “They definitely work at trying to make it work, whether it can or not I guess we’ll have to find out. But she definitely really loves him and is going to push the boundaries and do a bit of sneaking around to try and make that work.”

Star David Lambert tells Zap2it on a recent visit to the show’s Los Angeles set that he thinks Brandon and Callie will always have feelings for one another. 

“They obviously have some special connection and I don’t think that’s going to go away,” he says. “I think there will always be a mix with Brandon and Callie, because it always seems like they know what they should do but it always works out that they either cave or something happens and then they end up back in this whole romantic kind of thing. Things definitely need to change now though because Callie and Jude essentially are going to get adopted so the dynamic between them two especially will have to change

But just because they’re in love doesn’t mean they should end up together. “I don’t actually know if they should! If I had to decide I definitely think a family is more important than a girlfriend or a boyfriend, especially at their age,” says Lambert. “They’re in high school. I don’t know. It’s a very interesting situation that the writers have put these characters in! I don’t know what would be best for them. It seems like a very toxic, dangerous, fine line that they’re walking here.”

“The Fosters” airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

Do you think Callie and Brandon should find a way to be together?

Posted by:Jean Bentley