gabby douglas story lifetime getty 'The Gabby Douglas Story': Gymnast hopes she inspires peopleLifetime debuted “The Gabby Douglas Story” Saturday (Feb. 1), which chronicled gymnast Gabrielle Douglas‘ childhood and rise in the world of gymnastics. Her journey may have culminated in winning the women’s all-around gold medal at the 2012 London Summer Olympics, but the movie focused on Douglas and her family overcoming hardships so that she could work to be the best.

“The movie is about the struggles and challenges I went through. I’ve already written a book about it, but reading it isn’t the same as seeing it,” Douglas tells Teen Vogue. “I want people to watch this and say, ‘Wow. She went through that, so whatever I’m going through, I can overcome it too.'”

“What I went through — what my whole family went through — it made us stronger people. I learned to ‘walk in love’ and believe the situation would turn out OK,” adds Douglas.

She also tells the magazine that she’s “preparing for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro” by training up to five hours in the gym every day — though she did find time to work as an executive producer on her Lifetime biopic.

Douglas also was a stunt double for the actress playing her, performing routines so that the movie would look authentic and it really paid off. The action sequences of Douglas were terrific, while still having the cinematic feel instead of having competition footage spliced in (though there was a little competition footage used as well).

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