matt passmore body the glades 'The Glades': Matt Passmore on the return of Jim's former partner/loverStarting with the Sunday, June 12, episode of A&E’s sophomore crime drama “The Glades,” Florida Department of Law Enforcement homicide Detective Jim Longworth’s (Matt Passmore) already complicated life gets even more tangled.

First, he had to leave his native Chicago — after suffering an embarrassing injury — because he was wrongly suspected of having an affair with his captain’s wife.

During a break in his trailer on the show’s set in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Passmore — who left his native Australia to pursue an acting career — tells Zap2it, “The one person he got shot in the ass for, was the one person he wasn’t involved with.

“When I first had the meeting with [executive producer Clifton Campbell], I said, ‘All right, so what’s the story here? Oh, so he didn’t sleep with the wife, yeah.’ He says, ‘No, no, I always thought that’s a big indicator of how Jim is with people. Everyone else can be sleeping with the wife, but if the captain’s going to shoot anybody, he’s going to shoot you.'”

Then Jim fell for nurse/medical student Callie Cargill (Kiele Sanchez), a woman who has some issues.

“It’s not just boy meets girl,” Passmore says. “It’s boy meets girl, boy finds out girl has a child, boy finds out girl is married to a guy in prison — now what do you do?”

Last season, after Jim achieved a particularly good golf score, he celebrated with Callie, and their relationship was finally consummated. But shortly afterward, she discovered husband Ray (Clayne Crawford) was getting out of prison. In the season premiere last week, he returned and begged Callie to put off their impending divorce for a few months.

Then, this Sunday, Jim adds a wrinkle of his own, in the person of ex-partner and ex-lover Samantha Harper (Natalia Cigliuti). She shows up in Florida on the trail of a serial killer that she and Jim pursued in Chicago. And, she’s sticking around for several episodes.

“This one comes back,” says Passmore, “who is the one, the one who broke his heart, the one that sits in your life, like, ‘Yeah, I really wanted that and just got shut down.’ Country and western is based on this premise, right?

“So what happens if that person comes back into your life? Who knows?”

Passmore is also happy with the casting of Cigliuti.

“It hasn’t been an unhappy experience,” he says. “She’s gorgeous. It’s fantastic, because it’s layered. Especially in a procedural show — even though it’s a character procedural — that’s the meat. That’s what gets me through my day.

“The procedural stuff, there’s a lot of information, there’s searching through, trying to find Jim’s quirky way of getting through to someone or annoying someone or badgering them or whatever, how he does it. Then you’re face to face with a love triangle within the procedural, that’s meat.”

On the subject of love scenes with Cigliuti, Passmore says, “In a way. I can’t say. Let’s just say that there’s still chemistry. It’s also, when that person comes back and is in your face, you can’t escape. You can’t run away.

“The past is the past, you have every reason to hate them for life, what do you do? And not only that, Callie’s right there. It gets complicated.”

Posted by:Kate O'Hare