the glades jim daniel carlos season 4 premiere ae 'The Glades' preview: Matt Passmore and the rest of the cast spill secrets

As “The Glades” Season 4 approaches quickly, we have to wonder what is coming next. Will Callie say yes to Jim’s proposal? What crazy cases will the police have to solve next? How exactly can a cop show in Florida incorporate zombies into a plot?

For answers, we spoke to the cast of “The Glades.” Find out what Matt Passmore, Carlos Gomez, Jordan Wall, and Michelle Hurd have to say about the upcoming season.

What can you tell us about the premiere episode?

Carlos Gomez: The opening episode of this season was pretty, pretty hilarious, and I think you guys are going to crack up. It’s really, really funny.

Matt Passmore: Oh, we start with a Scooby-Doo episode. So we get a little bit spooky to start off with.

What kinds of cases can we expect later in Season 4?

Jordan Wall: We’re going to see a case that involves a suspect from the nether world … We’re going to see a case involving a suspect from the Great Beyond, which is going to cause some trepidation with some people in the cast, particularly Carlos.

Passmore: We are in a stripping episode [now]. Next week, we get into the “fun parlors,” so to speak. So that’ll be interesting. I may get a little disturbed by all the imagery I see.

Gomez: I think you’re going to see wackier cases. It’s not going to be as edgy. … Not to give away, but we have a zombie thing coming around.   

Wait. Zombies?

Gomez: Remember the whole thing with the guy eating [another person]? I think maybe it came, maybe an idea from that, it came out. I can’t say much about what it is, but it’s going to be very, very fun.

Michelle Hurd: I’m not going to become a zombie. I am not a zombie … I’m literally waiting for the musical episode, and I want some vampires or werewolves. That’s all I’m asking for.

Other than whatever is coming about Jim and Callie’s possible engagement, what is happening with the characters this season?

Gomez: I think my family’s going to come back this season. We have a case that I think involves something to bring back my wife and my kids and stuff … There is a past that I had before here, and I think we’re going to be touching upon that more into the later part of the season.

Wall: We’ll find out about Daniel, and we’ll get a little peek at his family life. We just actually finished that episode. And Daniel has a little sibling to play with.

We’re going to get our hands dirty, and Daniel always loves doing that. Carlos, not so much. And there’s going to be a little bit of ribbing back and forth between the two.

“The Glades” Season 4 premieres Monday, May 27 at 9pm on A&E.

Posted by:Laurel Brown