sean giambrone the goldbergs abc 'The Goldbergs' Sean Giambrone: 'I just want to slam dunk'

The phone rings at 3 p.m., when Sean Giambrone of ABC’s “The Goldbergs” is scheduled to call, but the voice is more reminiscent of Homer Simpson.
“Sorry you had to hear that,” he says, swallowing. Giambrone had just come home from school, found doughnuts and crammed as much as he could into his mouth before calling.
Giambrone plays Adam, the sweet youngest son who constantly films his wacky family. He grows up to be the creator of the Tuesday sitcom.
In an industry where child actors are often obnoxiously precocious, Giambrone is polite and a regular kid. He hedges when he says that he’s 15, and it’s that extra beat that any mom knows needs probing. Then he acknowledges he turns 15 at the end of May.

He’s having a blast in his first real role, working with George Segal, Jeff Garlin and Wendi McLendon-Covey.

“They all seem to know how to have fun,” Giambrone tells Zap2it. “I learned to do that. It is kind of hard to not have fun when you are surrounded by these people and have these great opportunities, and you watch them and almost steal from them. I hate to say steal. You just want to reuse some of these aspects to show how talented they are.”
A high-school freshman, Giambrone is back in his Chicago school after being tutored on set. He was surprised that anyone made a fuss over him. One kid asked Giambrone to sign his laptop.
“Are you sure you want me to sign this, because it’s kind of an expensive possession, and my signature is not [worth] that much,” he says. He signed when the boy insisted.
Actors often cite playing Shakespeare as their goal, but being a regular kid, Giambrone says, his goal is, “I just want to slam dunk.”
How acting came about: His mom saw an ad for children to be on TV, Giambrone says, “and she said, ‘If it is meant to be, something will come of it.’ And I didn’t think of acting.”
Credits: SeaWorld, McDonald’s and Friendly’s commercials. The last one haunts him because he did not get to eat ice cream. “I got robbed big time on that one,” Giambrone says.
Chores: Wiping down the table with a washcloth after eating, and vacuuming stairs. “The vacuuming I can handle,” he says, “but the washcloth is a pet peeve. My brain just starts snapping.”

Favorite movies: “I do like ‘Forrest Gump,’ ‘Toy Story.’ I just watched bits and pieces of ‘Donnie Darko,’ and I need to watch the whole thing.”

Favorite books: “I liked the Harry Potter series. ‘Heroes of the Valley’ – it was really good.”
Favorite music: “I like Abba, the Beatles, John Denver, the Ink Spots and ELO.”
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler