the good wife fierstein 'The Good Wife': Diane's heart grew three sizes that dayThere’s an interesting case this week, but the real news on “The Good Wife” is that the firm is bringing in legal aid and Will might be in love with Alicia.

Case of the Week

Travis Dolan witnessed a robbery where the clerk got shot and now is the prime suspect. There’s an eye witness that says he struggled with and then shot the clerk, which we know is not true at all, having seen the robbery in the start of the episode. The witness picks him out of a lineup.

The judge of the week is the delightful Harvey Fierstein as Judge Francis Flamm. The case at first hinges on the black witness not being able to differentiate between average-looking white guys, which is a real phenomenon and it happens with all races. People have a hard time distinguishing between similar-looking people of another race.

What I don’t understand (and I jotted down in my notes as soon as Cary said there were no usable prints on the gun) is why didn’t they test Travis Dolan for gunpowder residue on his hands? He didn’t have gloves on. He would’ve had it everywhere if he’d fired a gun and nowhere if he’d been in the back of the store hiding, like he claimed. That’s just sloppy writing.

Anyway, Kalinda finds a man who does resemble Travis, works near the store and has a financial problem. But that turns out to be a red herring – the eye witness knows too much to have seen the robbery from the outside. He was the robber/shooter and when he couldn’t escape, he framed the hiding Dolan.

The Firm

Eli wants Kalinda to work for him exclusively and full time. Meanwhile, Diane wants Will to bring in Celeste because they need her bankruptcy department so they can stop relying on Eli Gold’s cheese money. 

Celeste agrees to come, on some conditions. She also keeps needling Will about returning to the wild and stopping pretending to be normal with “apple-cheeked” Alicia. She tries to stir up trouble between Will and Peter, it’s kind of annoying to watch. Seriously, she’s obnoxious.

But. Celeste is pursuing Will for her start-up firm and dangles MLB commissioner in front of him – they’re a client of her firm and the next commissioner (after the unnamed Selig is done) will presumably come from her firm. But Will turns her down – he can’t give up what he loves at Lockhart/Gardner (whatever that may be) on a chance he might be baseball commissioner in 10-15 years.

Romany Malco is guest-starring as a lawyer in charge of a pro-bono organization, which Diane has to pull out of for Lockhart/Gardner to the economy. I was always a huge fan of his on “Weeds,” I hope they find a way to keep him around on the show. He’s so earnest and nice that he gets Diane working on the Dolan case.

It gets her to come to Will saying they can’t abandon legal aid, which has lost its funding. She wants to bring it to the firm.

The State’s Attorney’s Office

Imani Stonehouse is a new ASA in from the Department of Justice to monitor the SA’s office’s plea bargaining. She doesn’t do much in the first episode except name-drop her famous grandfather at the trial for the case of the week.

Romantic Interludes

Will hilariously accidentally ends a phone call with Alicia with the words, “Love you.” It’s a delightful totally-happens-to-real-couples moments. When he tries to talk to her about it and seems like he’s actually letting his guard down, Alicia puts up an icy wall, saying they don’t need to talk about it.

So – last week Alicia says it’s not love and this week Will kind of says it is. Interesting.

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