Leelee-Sobieski-The-Good-Wife.jpgOn the first “Good Wife” episode back from hiatus, Cary is the sneakiest sneak who ever sneaked (snuck?) and we love it. Also — we knew Leelee Sobieski rocked and this just reaffirms it.

Case of the Week

Jonathan Murphy, son of a big client in the Murphy-Gomez case, got picked up for prescription stimulants. And so did his girlfriend of six months, Alexis, who can’t afford a lawyer. Cary is the ASA assigned to it and he needs an ID of the drug dealer (who killed a pharmacist and is a lieutenant of recurring drug kingpin Lamont Bishop) and he’ll cut a deal.

But it turns out there’s no dealer, it’s all a ploy to get Jonathan and Alexis to talk because they’re actually the suspects in the pharmacist’s murder. That sneaky Cary and the DA’s office.

Speaking of sneaky Cary, the couple ID’d one of Lamont’s crew … who is already dead. *headsmack* He offers to Lockhart, Gardner & Bond that whichever kid turns first gets burglary, which is 8 months in jail, probably home in half that. The other one gets murder in the commission of robbery, which is a 25-year crime.

Will’s plan is that they represent both kids and keep in touch so that everybody stays calm, nobody gets paranoid and nobody flips. That means Cary has to make an actual case. Will and Alicia take Jonathan, Diane takes Alexis.

Kalinda investigates at the campus and finds out the kids’ alibi of being at the library is bogus. But campus PD says that they found Jonathan’s drugs in a gym bag inside his dorm room, which makes the search illegal because they zipped open the gym bag. 

Alexis’ mother Eliza gets involved and Cary tells her about the deal, so she promptly gets her own attorney so that one firm isn’t representing the two clients who both have the deal on the table. Cary then offers eight months (instead of the three he told Eliza and Will about) to the new attorney. That sneaky Cary.

Cary comes at Jonathan with blood found on the floor of his car, which is Fruit of the Poisonous Tree (which means that evidence only found because of previously illegally-gained evidence is also inadmissable and since they only searched Jon’s car because of the gym bag evidence, they can’t use it).

Cary then incredibly sneakily plays the David Murphy (Jonathan’s dad) contribution to Glen Childs’ campaign against both sides, it’s really slick. He tells Alexis that who would Glen Childs rather make a deal with, some girl or a campaign contributor’s son? And he tells Jonathan that Glen Childs wouldn’t possibly give a soft plea deal to a campaign contributor’s son while in an election year. Like we said, it’s slick.

Jonathan folds first, but not to flip. He says it was a third person, Alexis’ friend Jenny Solerno. They found her with a gun and blood on her shirt and shoes. They helped Jenny get rid of the gun, so the firm puts Blake on the case for Jenny and the gun. But Kalinda is already there, which is fantastic.

Will and Alicia find the gun and Will wants to take it, but he knows that’s wrong and one look from Alicia means he leaves it there. But they stop and talk to some young fellows who they think may not be the most upstanding men and tell them about the gun. They go and get it. That sneaky Will.

During Kalinda and Blake’s interrogation of Jenny, it turns out Jenny is alibied for the murder via a timestamped ATM photo. Jonathan and Alexis just told her about the murder later and it turns out Alexis killed the pharmacist to save Jonathan because the pharmacist had a gun.

The firm calls in the father for ammo to get Jonathan to doubt Alexis so he’ll take the plea. Hilariously, the “thug” Will told about the gun turns out to be an upstanding young citizen who turns the gun in to the police. Heh. That’ll teach you, Will.

Each side is pleading with their client to take the plea deal, but it turns out Alexis is pregnant. Will still acts like that’s the man Alexis is cheating on Jonathan with to get Jonathan to take the plea. It’s pretty gross. I mean, I get that their client didn’t pull the trigger, but that is blatant misrepresentation of facts.

Jonathan’s dad “convinces” him to take the plea, but instead Jonathan wants to confess in order to save her. He knows she’s pregnant and their tearul goodbye is pretty heart-wrenching. Sobieski is so great.

On the home front …

Alicia’s brother Owen is back, crashing on the couch because he broke up with his boyfriend for cheating. Owen and Grandma hang out, drink red wine and talk about Owen’s gayness and Reader’s Digest. It’s pretty awesome. But it turns out Grandma thinks Grace might be gay because she saw her holding hands with a girl from school (which we know means they were praying).

Later he convinces Grandma to put on the traditional African headdress he brought back for Alicia, which is also awesome. Turns out Owen cheated on Kevin, not the other way around. Owen consoles imself with a bowl of old Halloween candy — again, awesome. But he finally gets real with Alicia about worrying he’ll never find love. It’s a nice moment.  

On the work/romance front …

Will is still canoodling with Tammy and is using her contacts to get Bulls point guard Derrick Rose as a new client. But in this deal, Tammy finds out Diane’s been “lining up clients for a coup.” Dun dun dun.

Diane finally tells Alicia that they want her to come with them to the new firm and Alicia isn’t sure what to do. But Will confronts Diane about it and they have it out. Will threatens Diane and tells her not to come into work the next day. 
Thoughts & Tidbits

  • We love that we got a little more info on the mythical “Murphy-Gomez case,” which gets mentioned in practically every episode, but no one knows anything about.
  • Leelee Sobieski is a fantastic actress that we wish we saw more of. Nice to see her in this episode.
  • Is Lockhart, Gardner & Bond really going to split? We are so upset about this twist. We trust the showrunner and writers of this show because it’s amazing week in and week out. But the firm splitting up seems like a 5th season jump-the-shark type thing. We are nervous about it.

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