anika noni rose good wife 'The Good Wife': Race wars“The Good Wife” has an interesting “Silly Season,” as racial tensions color both the case of the week and the campaign.

Case of the Week

Alicia and Cary face off in a murder case where Alicia is defending Church, an inmate accused of stabbing a fellow inmate, Winston. A third inmate tells Cary and his co-counsel that the defendant confessed to him — Church (a black man) stabbed Winston (a white man) because Winston called him the n-word.

Cary goes with that motive and has the third inmate testify. The jury eats it up, so Derrick Bond steps in with Blake and digs up a video of a white man visiting Church in prison. Church claims the man threatened Church’s 10-month-old daughter if he didn’t “do something about Jay Winston.” So Church killed Winston out of fear for his family.

Cary’s investigator finds out that the same guard who has his back turned during the murder is the same guard who let the mystery man with the picture into the prison. The guard used to work for Lemond Bishop, who conveniently wants Winston dead because Winston had dirt on Bishop.

It also turns out Church coached a little league soccer team sponsored by Bishop, so Church wasn’t just an upstanding man scared for his family. Childs wants Church to turn on Bishop, but Cary wants to prosecute Church. So Cary gets Bishop to testify as to the identity of the mystery man (presumably by tipping him off that the State’s Attorney’s office is going to try to get Church to turn on Bishop). Bishop says the man was assuring Church to his family’s safety, not threatening them. Church is convicted. 

Campaign Mud-slinging

Wendy Scott-Carr is mad about flyers being distributed in the African-American communities that portray her as not a true black because she’s married to a white man and calling her kids “half-breeds.” They’ll be rounding up the Muggle-borns next.

Wendy approaches Childs about wanting a two-man race and getting Peter out of it. He says his hands are tied from doing certain things, but hers aren’t. So she makes a flyer of her own, proclaiming that Zach’s girlfriend Becca had an abortion (paid for by Peter) and shows it to Alicia. Alicia promptly kicks Wendy out of her office.

Alicia heads to the campaign HQ to find out exactly what the heck is going on with the racial flyer. Eli says it’s Childs, but Alicia says that undermining the African-American community gets Peter votes, not Childs. She shows Eli the abortion flyer and he about swallows his tongue. Eli goes to his under-the-table dirty deed doer and finds out the flyers are from the PAC (political action committee), which was funding the campaign, and Peter tells them to hit the road. (Thanks to Alert Commenter Elizza for pointing out our typo.)

Peter and Alicia confront Zach with it and he says it’s not true and that Becca isn’t even his girlfriend anymore. But Becca tells Eli that it might be true, to which he volleys that it’s her college-prep tutor’s baby. Eli FTW.  

Eli reassures Alicia that Becca did not have Zach’s abortion and they have a nice moment, but Eli also has to tell her the campaign is bankrupt. 

Investigatory shenanigans

Kalinda is still working with Cary to try to nail Blake, while Blake is following Cary around and the State’s Attorney’s office is investigating Kalinda. But they aren’t the only ones, as Blake thinks he’s found out Kalinda is really a Canadian named Leila who allegedly died in a house fire.

The State Attorney’s office is also taking budget cuts and Cary’s feeling the
squeeze, so he tells Childs that Diane Lockhart approached him about a
job. He also goes out and gets his own investigator for their case because Cary can’t compete with both Blake and Kalinda being on the Church case.

Cary posits to Kalinda that she and Blake are “auditioning” for Lemond Bishop as investigators on the Church case. Perhaps if they successfully defend Church (a Bishop lieutenant), Lemond throws work the firm’s way.

Childs also gets “anonymous” information that Kalinda has been lying under oath and testifying under an assumed name, he wants Cary to help look into it. Oh, what a tangled web we weave with these investigators. 

The home fires burnin’

Peter wants back into the bedroom with Alicia — not just as a guest, but as a resident. She thinks about it and we are left with a cliffhanger as to whether she has acquiesced. 

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • We love the dynamic between Cary and Kalinda and it’s nice watching him be put in the hard position of investigating her versus being her friend. That being said, we hope Blake goes away. Soon.
  • Childs’ hair? Awe-some.
  • This was a fairly strong episode (they’re all strong), but it felt like more of a set up for the coming weeks. What did you think?

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