julianna-margulies-good-wife-S3.jpgF. Murray Abraham arrives on behalf of a remarried couple whose original divorce was handled by David Lee, who is apparently spends his time off performing Gilbert & Sullivan numbers in full dress. Since one of the companies the wife got in the divorce was sold off at a loss — but is still profiting Lockhart, Gardner, thanks to Julius’s foresight — what seems at first like a nuisance case eventually becomes one of fraud, which threatens to take down the firm itself.

Julius and David Lee are at each other’s throats, everybody’s getting subpoenaed, and Eli — of course — chooses this moment to make a snotty power play against David Lee himself. Central to getting them out of this mess is a conflict waiver Alicia swears she had the wife sign, but nobody can seem to find. It was only her second divorce with the firm, and no matter how many loving looks Kalinda shoots her she can’t remember what happened to the paper… Which magically appears, somehow, having possibly been slipped into some paperwork David Lee drew up for the Florrick kids’ trust for Alicia to sign without knowing it.

Since we’ll never know — although it’s a pretty slick workaround for Alicia’s whole morality thing she’s got going to be anything else — Alicia must abide by Diane’s directive to testify only to her own best memory and, since she doesn’t remember signing the paper today, but does remember signing it years ago, means the paperwork goes through either way. In the end, even Cary manages to be a little sad that we’ve lost the Alicia Florrick of yore, who would have gone straight to the Supreme Court with her worries that she might have signed a piece of paper.

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