dylan baker good wife 'The Good Wife' recap: It's Like Jerk Day Everywhere You GoAlicia spends the entire — on-time! — episode roaming from a-hole to a-hole, being appalled by them, and then ping-ponging her way into the next horrific encounter. And of course it is riveting, best of the season so far-type stuff — disregarding Cumming’s bizarrely over-the-top tic collection and Noth’s orange spray-tan, of course — while setting up some new vectors for the rest of the season.

That jet class action they’ve been teasing finally comes down: Celeste and Diane are working together on it, until Kalinda figures out that good old Colin Sweeney (!!!) was involved with the manufacturer’s IPO, so of course they have to send in Alicia, because Colin and Alicia totally love each other, no matter how much Alicia pretends to deny it. Cary agrees to give Sweeney his freedom if he testifies against a white supremacist prison-buddy, and then Peter ups the ante to a full-blown wire conversation. In the end, Colin wins his freedom and the class is settled.

Alicia’s been given the opportunity to bring in a first-year associate of her choosing, and she winnows the candidates down to two: The eponymous Martha and Caitlin. You know it’s going to be Caitlin because she’s played by the very wonderful Anna Camp (!!!), but the fix is really in when it turn out she’s David Lee’s niece — and Alicia’s new mentee. (Normally it would be very exciting to see David Lee, but frankly he’s a prick in this episode so he gets zero parenthetical exclamation points.)

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