julianna-margulies-good-wife-S3.jpgWill’s been gone a week before the partners start getting antsy about taking over his job as a named partner: Julius wants it because he deserves it, Eli wants it because everybody else wants it, and David Lee wants it because he’s a ****. Diane’s not having anybody replace the Gardner in her Lockhart just yet, no matter how scrambly and rat****y and generally nasty they all get with each other. David Lee especially has his paranoia validated several times, both accidentally and less accidentally, which leads him to possibly involving Caitlin in the whole partnership mess.

Of course, it would really help if Will could just come and show some face, scare them back into the brush, but he’s too busy being suicidal without the law. In fact, it’s a smothering visit from his sisters (including brilliant-as-usual Merrit Wever) that drives him back into the firm: Once they decide that the woman he’s pining for is Kalinda, the whole idea is so weird that he flees back to the office he can no longer use for its intended purpose. (Other fallout: Alicia cancels her divorce planning with David Lee — surprise, he bitches! — and takes up Kalinda’s tax case, moving forward.)

After the longest, most boringest Cartier commercial* of all time, Donna Brazile convinces Eli that Peter needs to hire some friends into the SA’s office if she’s going to support him as the DNC keynote speaker. This is taken care of with a quick nepotistic phone call that ends up with Cary pissing off ASA Geneva Pine yet again, this time with a demotion. Everybody’s all job crazy and mean and scared of everybody else. It’s like Wendy Scott-Carr turned into a fog or fine mist and permeated the whole of Cook County with her stabby vibes.

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