julianna-margulies-good-wife-S3.jpgOh my God, what an hour of television. Definitely the best episode of the year, and quite an emotional ride as well.

Eli takes his David Lee fight to the next level, commandeering his niece Caitlin into performing scut work while he tries to get a job working for a Chicago gay defamation league. Of course, Caitlin uses blogs and twitter and whatever to figure out the whole deal, and gest on his good side — but not before Eli and Amy Sedaris’s Stacie Hall find themselves in a hilarious Postman Always Rings Twice game of sexual chicken that ends with some seriously effed up-looking hair and a new revelation: Stacie is going to be running Eli’s ex-wife’s campaign for governor. So that’s a bunch of shoes dropping at once.

Meanwhile, it’s Indictment Day. Wendy brings in some of the major players for the Grand Jury — whom we know, and are reminded several times, always indict — but, thanks to the long-term strategies of Will and Kalinda that you knew had to be going on, Wendy eventually goes ****-nuts. It’s stuff like, the emails in the file Kalinda slipped Dana were falsified to give them false leads in questioning — which earns Kalinda a hard slap in the face from Dana — and another setup where Andrew Wiley photographs Will handing Judge Parks an envelope full of money… For UNICEF.

Anyway, Wendy effectively loses her mind and calls Alicia to testify to the various stuff Cary has told her about Alicia and Will. It’s damning… But not as damning as the conversation Peter has with Alicia where she basically asks him to call this off, he admits that it’s totally personal and he just wants to hurt Will, and then — worst of all — Alicia confesses to having always turned a blind eye to Peter’s **** because she was selfish. Like she actually says, “The problem wasn’t that you were doing terrible things, it was that you did them in a way that hurt our family.” It’s a gut-punch, especially with the impression you get that she didn’t really know that about herself, either, until she said it.

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