alicia cary the good wife season 5 premiere julianna margulies 'The Good Wife' Season 5 premiere: Is Alicia reconsidering leaving Lockhart/Gardner?“The Good Wife” came back for its fifth season with a Case of the Week that was definitely interesting but it might lead to a development we aren’t terribly happy about regarding Alicia’s big decision.


The Case of the Week revolves around Eddie, a man convicted of killing two women who is about to be executed. The prison is having significant trouble actually getting the lethal injection taken care of, which Diane and Alicia argue is a case of 8th Amendment cruel and unusual punishment.

Eventually, to buy Eddie some time so they can argue his appeal (as it appears he is not guilty, from the fact that the snitch lied and the hair found on the body may not match Eddie), the quick-thinking lawyers introduce him as evidence for an 8th Amendment class action suit, meaning that suit has to keep him alive until the lawyers are done presenting him/cross-examining him.

During a deposition with the prison warden — remember him from “Nine Hours”? — Will gets an idea about the way this warden acquires potassium chloride (the lethal injection drug) through the mail sometimes and sics the DEA on him for transporting illegal drugs via the USPS.

Eventually Eddie’s execution is stayed by the governor, which means a big, fuzzy moral victory for Lockhart/Gardner and which introduces some doubt into Alicia’s mind about leaving with the fourth-years. Can she really be taking on these kind of fight-for-justice cases with her new firm?

We hope this doubt on Alicia’s part is just a device to provide suspense in the first couple episodes while the fourth-years wait to get their bonuses before they leave to form their own firm. Because if the show has Alicia change her mind and stay, that’s going to be bitterly disappointing.

It’s not that we don’t like Lockhart/Gardner, but the show has made a bold move in reinventing itself and we want to see it come to fruition, not be dabbled with and then land Alicia right back where she was.

But either way, the fourth-years aren’t jumping ship just yet, which leaves the wily and suspicious David Lee plenty of time to figure out what’s going on. That should end well.

The Governor Elect

Peter is settling into the Governor’s office by making staff appointments and meeting with the hottie-hot-hottie Ethics Commission Director Marilyn. Eli advises him to “promote” her to the Transit Authority Board so as not to have a visual of the formerly-philandering Peter working alongside such a beautiful woman, which is what Peter does.

Do we sense a ripped-from-the-headlines fired-because-she’s-too-hot court case coming up? It would not surprise us if that’s where this is going.

But meanwhile, Peter has chosen Eli as his Chief of Staff. It’s a shade too early to be thinking about another campaign just yet, so Peter wants Eli to run his Governor’s office now.

The Florrick House

In the Kids Plot of the Week, Grace has suddenly gone from geeky youngster to cute teenager and Zach’s friends are taking notice. Also taking notice? A website that makes a list of the Top 10 Hottest Politicians’ Daughters, which includes Meghan McCain, Abby Huntsman and Bristol Palin.

While we highly doubt the Illinois Governor Elect’s daughter would make a list like that, it is funny to watch Zach realize his baby sister is not a baby anymore.

What did you think of the “Good Wife’s” Season 5 premiere? Do you hope Alicia stays at Lockhart/Gardner or strikes out on her own? Do you think we’re right about the lawsuit Marilyn is going to bring against Peter?

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