julianna margulies emmys 2014 press room 'The Good Wife' Season 6: Alicia's love life is on hold, says star Julianna MarguliesJulianna Margulies picked up her second lead actress in a drama award for her work on “The Good Wife” Monday (Aug. 25) at the 66th Primetime Emmys. In the press room following her acceptance speech, Margulies spoke about the evolution of her character and once again praised the writers on the show.

“I love where they are going with [Alicia],” says Margulies. “I think that is the luxury
of doing 22 episodes a year — we get to do a real slow development of
where these people are and it is constantly peeling layers. So she’s
getting a little tougher and she’s getting a drier sense of humor and
able to take herself less seriously.”

“But it’s a slippery slope, so I love
this constant dilemma she has. She’s always wondering if she’s doing
the right thing yet she’s so sure of herself. It’s a very fun role to
play,” Margulies continues. “I love how she’s evolved. I really do. She could use a little more
love in her life eventually, but the Will Gardner tragedy has to
probably – it will probably be a while before you see her in the sack
again, is my guess.”

While Margulies says that 22 episodes person season is a luxury in terms of slower character development, she adds that it makes for a tough job for the writers and they are to be acknowledged for the quality of work they put forth week in and week out.

“Listen, I’m a huge fan of all the shows that were nominated and all the
writers , but you look at what our writers do, they don’t do it six, eight or 10
times a year,” says Margulies. “They do it under pressure, they do it 22 a year. And
sometimes we are filming and they are writing and the second that script
is finished, we start filming that script. We don’t have the luxury of
time. And I think they really deserve a little bit of credit. The show
is just as good as the other shows and these writers work just as hard. I
think they deserve to have some Emmy love.”

But regardless of length of season, Margulies says it’s a wonderful time for women in television.

“Having Viola Davis hand me an Emmy! She’s doing her own show. Tea Leoni is doing her own show – Robin Wright, Claire Danes, Kerry Washington. All these incredible actresses are being written as complicated, interesting characters,” Margulies says. “And you just don’t see any of the characters we play on TV in film and if you do, it’s very few and far between. So I feel like this is the golden age of television, but it’s also the time for women in television. I feel very grateful to be here.”

“The Good Wife” returns Sunday, Sept. 21 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

Reporting by Jean Bentley
Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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