good wife government 'The Good Wife': Will vs. Peter, Alicia vs. the U.S. governmentIt’s Alicia vs. the U.S. government and Will vs. Peter on the latest “Good Wife” episode.

Case of the Week

The COTW is a complex game of cat and mouse between the U.S. government and Lockhart Gardner regarding a (according to the government) suspected terrorist who claims to have been imprisoned and tortured by the government while in Afghanistan.

Things get sticky when a Treasury Department official basically wants Alicia to spy on the client and report back to them, meaning either the client goes to jail because she does or she goes to jail because she doesn’t.

It’s far too complicated to hash out the nitty gritty details here (I’d end up making it sound so much less cool than it actually was), but suffice to say that Diane manages to get the criminal case against the client dismissed, while Alicia hires outside counsel to help her stall until there’s no criminal case for her to testify to.

Alicia’s outside counsel Elsbeth Tascioni is played by the wonderful Carrie Preston of “True Blood” – as my husband remarked, she’s kind of the Luna Lovegood of lawyers. And Anna Camp as Caitlin, the new first-year, gets a good a-ha moment.

The Law Firm

It’s Peter vs. Will when the State’s Attorney’s office gets wind of $45,000 Will took from a client to cover a bad bet in Baltimore 15 years ago. Peter wants to use the threat of exposing this indiscretion to get Will to roll on Lamond Biship, the Meth King of Chicago (Abe Froman’s got nothing on this guy). Peter eventually takes himself off the case because he has several conflicts of interest, but keeps Cary and Dana on it.

The Homefront

Diane calls Will during his “lunch hour” and while they are talking, she hears Alicia’s cell phone go off with one of Grace’s patented self-recorded ringtones. It was hilarious. Not so hilarious for Alicia and Will, as Diane makes it known without saying it that she knows about them and the episode ends with the firm having to watch one of those goofy sexual harassment videos.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Can Carrie Preston guest star every week, please?
  • Diane’s cold shoulder for Alicia broke our hearts a little.
  • Caitlin is starting to grow on us, which we didn’t think was possible.
  • We love how Peter and Will just keeping dancing around each other. The come-to-blows moment is obviously coming.

What did you think of the latest “Good Wife” episode?

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