the good wife cast hitting the fan 'The Good Wife's' Archie Panjabi: 'It does get dirty' going forwardThe episode title “Hitting the Fan” was certainly apropos for “The Good Wife’s” most recent episode, as Alicia and Cary successfully departed Lockhart & Gardner to form their own firm, Florrick, Agos & Associates.

It was not without obstacles, as Will went ballistic upon feeling so betrayed and tried to keep the departing fourth-years and Alicia from getting any files or any clients. It got so dirty that Peter even got involved, making some ethically-questionable calls from the governor’s office.

Executive producer Robert King says that Peter’s actions should definitely be worrying, but that there’s no looking back now.

“[The show] doesn’t go back to normal at all. I think what’s so exciting about what cable TV does is rules be d***ed,” says King. “Network TV for so long has tried to sustain the status quo. … You watch what ‘Breaking Bad’ does, it’s never about being comfortable.

“What we really wanted was a warrior princess Alicia. There was really a gauntlet thrown down between her and Will. … You play out the chess pieces on the board … Peter, one of his Achilles’ heels is ethics infractions in defense of his family. The bottom line is that is worrisome. Illinois has a very bad reputation of their governors going to prison, so that is always a possibility. That is a worry.”

Meanwhile, Kalinda turned out to be kind of a mole for Lockhart & Gardner, lying to Cary about wanting to help him and turning in the information about the new Florrick-Agos offices. Actress Archie Panjabi tells Zap2it Kalinda feels so betrayed by Alicia — plus, Kalinda is nothing if not pragmatic.

“She’s feeling a bit betrayed by Alicia not telling her that
she’s leaving, maybe even a little upset that Cary’s leaving. And Will
and Kalinda always had a bond. … Then it turned into money. She wanted the best deal and
Cary couldn’t pay her as much as what she was earning,” says Panjabi. “There’s quite a degree of trust between [Will and Kalinda].”

Panjabi adds that this is definitely going to shake up the show going forward.

“I think we needed a reboot quality
to Season 5 and that came in splitting into two firms. It will be
interesting to see what happens when the two go head-to-head in certain
cases. It does get dirty,” says Panjabi. “It’ll be interesting to see how all the
relationships suddenly are tested.”

What did you think of “Hitting the Fan”, “Good Wife” viewers?

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