the honorable woman premiere maggie gyllenhaal sundance 'The Honorable Woman' premiere: Timely look at Israel and Gaza or too soon?

“The Honorable Woman” couldn’t have known that its premiere would coincide with some of the worst violence between Israel and Palestinian territories in years. As it is, the timeliness of a show that deals directly with such conflicts could either be a good or a bad thing.

In the case of “The Honorable Woman,” does the Maggie Gyllenhaal limited series benefit from the real-world tie-ins or is it too much to take when its stories are similar to reality?

The daughter of an assassinated Israeli arms manufacturer, Nessa Stein (Gyllenhaal) is trying to right the wrongs of her past by promoting peace between Palestine and Israel. Despite these good intentions, enemies both personal and political are coming out of the woodwork to derail Nessa’s work.

“The Honorable Woman” airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Sundance.

Posted by:Laurel Brown