sarah burge human barbie daily mirror The 'Human Barbie': Domestic violence incident prompted plastic surgery obsessionOne of the big stories of Thursday (Jan. 5) was Sarah Burge, a British woman who calls herself the “Human Barbie,” who gave her seven-year-old daughter Poppy a voucher for liposuction for Christmas. Sarah’s reasoning is that it’s an investment and something Poppy can use when she’s older.

This, plus Burge’s buying her daughter a voucher for a boob job for her seventh birthday, has prompted considerable outcry. But an interesting wrinkle to the story is how Burge came to have so much plastic surgery.

Burge tells the U.K.’s Daily Mirror that it started with having an ear pinned back that stuck out and a little liposuction under her jawline. But then in her late 20s, Burge was victim to an incident of domestic violence that left her with a broken jaw, eye socket, cheekbone and teeth. There is a picture at this link that we aren’t posting here – be warned, it is very, very graphic and upsetting.

Of the aftermath, Burge says:

“My face was completely disfigured, I looked like a monster … Eventually, I decided to do something about it. I went to beauty school,
then trained as a nurse before opening my own cosmetic surgery
consultation service on Harley Street.

I visited the best plastic surgeons I could find and offered them a
business proposition. If they could make me look the way I wanted to
look then I would refer all my clients to them. They agreed and I
haven’t paid a penny for my surgery since.”

She goes on to say it took roughly 30 surgeries to get her to look the way she wanted. She says when people tell her to focus on what’s inside, she thinks to herself, “Hello! I know what it’s like to look ugly and I know what it’s like to
be beautiful and I sure as hell know what the general public would
choose if they were honest.”

Burge also says, “As for being an addict I’m the first one to admit it’s true. I’m addicted to looking good. What’s wrong with that?”

She goes on to offer advice for people looking to have plastic surgery.

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