hunger games effie katniss 'The Hunger Games': 5 reasons why Jennifer Lawrence IS Katniss EverdeenHas there ever been a movie whose casting decisions have been so meticulously documented as “The Hunger Games”?

Frankly, there would’ve been an uproar no matter who Lionsgate chose to play 16-year-old heroine Katniss Everdeen — but after having seen the finished film, which comes out March 23, we can assure you that casting Oscar nominee Jennifer Lawrence was absolutely the perfect, most unquestionably right decision they could’ve made. Trust us — you won’t even remember that Lawrence is a natural blonde once you see her kick some major butt in the Hunger Games arena.

Here are five reasons why we think she’s a perfect Katniss:

1. Her Looks
Come on, they invented hair dye for a reason. Sure, Book Katniss was slightly more emaciated and racially diverse than her blue-eyed, blonde-haired onscreen portrayer, but with a brown braid and bow and arrows, the athletic actress definitely resembles the Katniss we all imagined in our heads.

2. Her Strength
In her Oscar-nominated role in “Winter’s Bone,” Lawrence played a tough-as-nails teenager tracking down her meth-head drug-dealer father. Considering she held her own in that sinister world (um, she pulled her father’s dead body from a lake…spoiler alert), we totally believe her fighting to the death. The other tributes don’t stand a chance.

3. Her Acting Skills
Did we mention that girlfriend was nominated for an Oscar? If that’s not someone you want headlining your multi-million dollar movie franchise, then we don’t know what’s wrong with you.

4. Her Humor
Katniss can be a bit serious at times, but Lawrence seems way more lighthearted. That fun personality shines through even in the more grim “Hunger Games” scenes, adding more dimension to the character.

5. Her Age
We’re totally on board with the decision to go with slightly older actors for the main parts, because it makes the distinction between the 12-year-old tributes (Rue, for example) and the practically grown-up careers that much more apparent.

Are you on board with J-Law as Katniss, or do you need to see the movie to be convinced? 

Posted by:Jean Bentley