hunger games katniss gale 'The Hunger Games': Katniss and Gale say goodbyeAs March 23 inches closer and closer (how is it that time seems to be moving slower now that it’s “Hunger Games” releasing week?) Lionsgate has been very kind about giving us more clips from the highly anticipated movie.

This time, we have our first look at Katniss’ goodbye to Gale before she’s escorted to the Capitol in a high-speed train. Quite frankly, aside from Katniss volunteering in place of Prim, it’s one of the more heartbreaking moments we’ve seen from the film as of yet.

Be warned: It will make you feel things. Deep, emotional things. If you weren’t aware that you could cry from a 35-second clip from a movie that hasn’t even been released yet, well, now you know. Yes, this could be a little Team Gale spirit bubbling to the surface (GUYS DON’T WORRY WE LOVE PEETA TOO), but we don’t care. Friday, come quicker!

Posted by:Jean Bentley