the husband she met online 'The Husband She Met Online': 8 most ridiculous lines

Lifetime sure knows how to bring the crazy.

It’s impressive the network can continue to come up with new, original movies with some crazy plot line that still manages to entertain … but the entertainment comes from the ridiculousness of the story and the the lines the characters say, and not the quality of the movie. “The Husband She Met Online” was no exception.

Premiering Saturday (Oct. 26), the newest movie to join the long line of Lifetime’s cheesefest offered up a host of ridiculous lines. Here are the 8 craziest lines from the movie about a man who becomes so obsessed with a stranger he met online, he resorts to killing and kidnapping to make her his bride:

8. Craig’s mother, explaining why a business deal can wait one day: The hotel is in Aruba, they’re on island time anyway.

7. Rachel: Please tell me I didn’t ruin your day by canceling this late.

   Craig: Ruin my day? You’re breaking my heart.

6. Craig, talking to himself while looking at a picture of Rachel: The girl who lives next door, who doesn’t live next door.

5. Rachel on her first date with Craig: You are absolutely insane. [Little does she know how crazy he really is …]

4. Rachel, on eating dessert: I have no willpower.

   Craig: I have that affect on women.

3. Rachel’s ex-boyfriend John: It’s only dinner. And I promise I will not try to take advantage of you. Even if you beg me.

2. Craig, as his crazy possessiveness starts to become exposed: As my wife, you kind of don’t really have to work anymore.

1. Rachel, being forced to marry a killer/kidnapper since he threatened to kill her pregnant best friend if she didnt: I do.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum