the killing 212 'The Killing': Moving closer to Rosie Larsen's murdererThough Jamie has seemed to be Darren Richmond’s trusty sidekick for the entire run of AMC’s “The Killing,” the first of a two-part season finale revealed he’s actually got a secret link to the murder of Rosie Larsen. 
Sunday’s (June 10) episode begins with Detectives Linden (Mireille Enos) and Holder (Joel Kinnaman) corroborating the alibis of both Jamie and Gwen, as the bloodied key card found on the casino’s 10th floor linked the Richmond (Billy Campbell) team to the crime. Thus, it is a matter of identifying the owner. With the mayor hot on their trail, however, the police duo are nearly arrested in action until Linden does some negotiating, offering to pretend that picture the mayor used to frame Richmond never happened in exchange for their investigative freedom. He goes for it.
With the mayor out of the way, the cops also persuade the casino’s security guard to hand over the missing elevator surveillance tape, convincing her Chief Jackson is not an ally and that her tyrant boss and lover will only throw her under the bus, so she might as well cooperate. She does too.  
A screening of the tapes from the night of Rosie’s death shows Chief Jackson, Michael Ames, and Jamie all present at the building when the young girl was killed.

At the Larsen house, the family adjusts to Mitch’s (Michelle Forbes) return in different ways, with Denny rejoicing for mom and Tommy conversely refusing to speak. Things have changed, and the friction between Stan (Brent Sexton), Terry (Jamie Ann Allman) and Mitch makes the mother’s absence a lingering point of contention in the family. When Terry accidentally breaks the news about Stan selling the house, Mitch goes to her husband, asking him to abandon the plan, and insisting they shouldn’t have to move on. 
And, of course, it wouldn’t be “The Killing” without a twist at the end, this time in the form of an unfamiliar face who calls Richmond’s cell phone right as his race for the mayor’s position begins to look promising. Though the politician does not appear to know the man, he does need the information being offered, and the show closes with Richmond waiting at the man’s house when Jamie also arrives. Immediately, Richmond asks, “Why did you lie to me, Jamie?”

Other highlights:
  • Stan learns of Janek’s death on a nightly news report
  • The police uncover paperwork proving Ames indeed was planning to leave his wife and move in with Terry 
  • Though Jamie is shown to be at the scene of the crime, both he and Gwen were missing ID cards, and it was Gwen who was driving the car that Rosie’s body was found in on the day of her murder. So, Gwen’s not off the hook yet either
  • Terry’s relationship to Ames and the murder has been a question mark the whole time, and with this new information about their planned relationship endeavor, something remains fishy
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