the killing 206b 'The Killing' question lingers: Is it a man or a woman behind the murder of Rosie Larsen?“5,000. I want my money or I’ll tell your wife.” 
It was this text that said so much in so little, and twisted the story even more in Sunday’s (April 29) episode of AMC’s “The Killing.”
A few records get set straight right off the bat on the latest episode. This means, of course, that many others get opened (or reopened). Last week left off with the revelation that Stan Larsen (Brent Sexton) was not the real father of Rosie, and accordingly, this week begins with Detective Linden (Mireille Enos) confronting him about it. The discussion does not make it far, however, as Stan doesn’t know who Rosie’s dad is, only that his wife Mitch (Michelle Forbes) had an affair while they were temporarily split up during their courtship. He tells Linden that somewhere, perhaps buried in Mitch’s mysterious shoebox Rosie often dug through, the answer could be found.
The affair between Terry (Jamie Ann Allman) and Michael Ames, father of Rosie’s boyfriend Jasper, is given its time on screen in this episode, as it’s only been subtly hinted at in prior editions. Terry seems hung up over the relationship, though Michael wants nothing to do with her, and the involvement gets further ensnared when Detective Holder (Joel Kinnaman) and Linden beginning linking Michael to Rosie’s murder. The father of her boyfriend looks like he may have been hiring Rosie as one of his mistresses, and she sent him a threatening text on the night of her death, stating, “5,000. I want my money or I’ll tell your wife.” 
Fingers start pointing at Michael until he and Jasper show up at the police station, with Jasper unconvincingly explaining that he sent the text to get back at his father for all the affairs he’d been having over the years. Though Jasper’s mother later remarks she and Michael are in an open relationship — he’s allowed to mess around but she gets all his money — something’s definitely up. In fact, a lot of things seem up when, in one of the final shots, the mayor and his folks are seen partying with the Ames family at a cocktail gathering.
Other highlights:
  • Mitch’s all too weird relationship with the runaway girl continues until she predictably rips her off.
  • Stan goes to Alexi looking to find out more about how Rosie knew the identity of her father. After a brief conversation that included talk of Alexi’s deceased dad, Alexi reveals something else to Stan, “You should know, I spent a lot of time watching you. She saved your life.”
  • Gwen (Kristin Lehman) returns to Darren Richmond’s (Billy Campbell) mayoral campaign, albeit with ulterior motives.
  • Mitch’s shoebox turns out to be in her possession at the motel, and she reads an unsent letter she wrote to Rosie’s real father, “David Rainer.” 
  • Still no explanation on the relationship between Terry and Stan, though more is hinted at in the closing.
  • Linden’s every step is now getting tracked. First, a mysterious drawing appears on her home refrigerator. In response, she and her son seek asylum at Holder’s place, but they aren’t alone even there. The close of the episode exposes a shaded driver in black gloves, smoking a cigarette, and hovering outside. 
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