the killing season 4 linden holder 'The Killing' Season 4 review: An unsatisfying closureThey can’t all be “Orange Is The New Black.” Although “The Killing” started its series run in 2011 on AMC, full of energy and promise, it leaves only a dim light in its wake. Season 4 hits Netflix Friday (Aug. 1) and gives viewers and fans some closure, but we can’t help feeling nostalgic for what the way it all began.

Season 4 picks up almost right where the previous season ended, with Detectives Linden (Mireille Enos) and Holder (Joel Kinnaman) dealing with the repercussions of killing one of their own. The final season opens with Linden and Holder cleaning up the mess of the incident after disposing of the body. Once the two get their stories straight, they are good to go back to business as usual, right? Wrong. It isn’t easy for either of them to get back to work.

The partners struggle all season with trying to keep their secret while investigating another case under the eyes of their suspicious colleague Reddick (Gregg Henry). Out of the two, Linden definitely seems to be struggling with things more, and honestly it gets hard to sympathize with her at times. If the viewers are noticing she is looking like an emotional disaster, shouldn’t her co-workers? The Season 4 struggle starts somewhat intriguing, but gets repetitive quick. Not even acting veteran Joan Allen, playing a tough-as-nails military school administrator can save the closing chapter.

It’s interesting to think about how a show with such promise turned so run-of-the-mill so fast. The beginning of the end was definitely when showrunner Veena Sud went back on her implied promise to wrap up the crime in Season 1 with a pretty bow and instead pulled a switch to a they-got-the-wrong-guy type of ending. This should be a lesson to showrunners out there, never make promises you can’t keep — the fans remember and will punish you accordingly.

Season 2 gave the AMC show the opportunity to recover, but instead it threw even more changes at the viewer, like changing the established formula that each episode takes place in one day. The second season continued to slip when Linden and Holder’s relationship grew more codependent than anything else. Then AMC canceled it, only to have Netflix revive it for AMC to foster a third season, only to have it canceled again.

Although Season 4 leaves much to be desired from the once-promising series, you have to give it to Netflix for seeing the need to provide closure to the series for the fans. Whether it is the closure they desire remains to be seen. Watch it if you feel the need to see it through, but it might be better just remembering its wonderful beginnings.

“The Killing” is currently available for streaming on Netflix.

Posted by:Sarah Huggins