If we were seeking any sort of clarity on who murdered Rosie Larsen on AMC’s “The Killing,” star Brandon Jay McLaren offers very few hints. He plays one of the prime suspects, Bennet Ahmed, who every time we feel he’s free and clear seems to pop right back up again in the investigation.
“It’s tough to say anything about this show without giving away something,” McLaren, 29, tells Zap2it. “My character is having a hard time right now, because he really believes he’s doing the right thing. But, it may not in fact be the right thing. So, he’s struggling with his core beliefs and trying to stick to them.”
You may remember the Vancouver native in his role as Lenin from the last season of the Canadian series, “Being Erica,” and from another series on CBS where the killer was at large, though he admits “The Killing” had him way more stumped.
“I really didn’t know. I had no idea,” he says after we ask him if he had a guess on Rosie’s killer early on. “I remember because ‘Harper’s Island’ was also a murder mystery and I knew right away when I read the pilot. I was like, ‘Oh, it’s this guy.’ This show is a little more difficult to figure out. So, yeah, I didn’t have any idea at all.”

When it comes to his character, the show doesn’t treat Bennet with kid gloves. He touches on several sensitive areas for viewers including race, religion, and the conduct of teachers in relation to their students.

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Bennet is a young, attractive teacher who had shown interest in Rosie and he has a record of showing interest in his female students. In fact, he’s currently married to a former student, who, let’s just throw it out there, happens to be white. Add to that his association with a Muslim group being investigated for terrorism and you’ve got a guy whose guilt viewers can see in two ways. He must be responsible somehow with Rosie’s death or he’s too obvious to really be the killer.

“I think they’re both very valid given what’s been shown so far,” he says of the two schools of thought on his character. “I know for me in the beginning, I really didn’t know where my character was going. And they did a really great job, because I looked really, really guilty. And then I didn’t for a little bit and now I am again. So, they keep you guessing. So, they’re both really, really valid ideas actually.”
As the series continues, Bennett’s participation in the crime falls under further scrutinizing as his wife begins to look for answers, as well. Hard-pressed to give us any clues that would spoil “The Killing’s” resolution for fans, McLaren tells us we’ll be very surprised by the outcome.
“I’m going to take the safe road and say you have to watch,” he teases. “But, there are some good reveals. That’s all I can say. When [the finale] airs, it’s going to be a shocker. I can tell you that. It’s good, it’s really, really good.”
“The Killing” airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on AMC.
What are your theories surrounding Bennet Ahmed’s guilt? 
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