the kitchen sunny anderson food network 'The Kitchen's' Sunny Anderson: 'I am chunky and I am OK with it'
Zap2it: Are you a formally trained chef?
Sunny Anderson: No. I think in the art it is really hard to teach it. Either you can draw or you can’t. They can give you history of art and technique but a lot of it comes from within. I am really glad my mom and dad and grandma were able to teach me. My culinary school was my phone bills.
Zap2it: You have a keen appreciation for how much we all juggle. Many of us with kids, a job then facing having to get dinner on the table feel overwhelmed. What’s your secret to keeping it running?
Sunny Anderson: You know what it is? I live a busy life. I am sitting at my desk all day dealing with the business of business. I don’t have the time to work hard about what I want to eat. Growing up, moving around, I like the variety. I don’t have kids, but I do know I am hungry. That is why I cook. I am hungry and impatient and I don’t want to get presentable so a restaurant is out of the question.
Zap2it: On “The Kitchen” you did a one-pan, super quick lasagna, how did that recipe come about?
Sunny Anderson: Lasagna — it is like building a village. Then you have to clean the lasagna tray, oh my God.
Zap2it: A lot of chefs eat a lot, so they exercise hard. Do you?
Sunny Anderson: No, I used to. I had a rough physical year last year. I kept getting injured. I totally have gained weight in this career. I am chunky and I am OK with it.
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler