clive owen the knick cinemax 3 'The Knick's' Clive Owen: Steven Soderbergh 'takes care of everything'
Zap2it: What was the rationale for having an actual play-by-play board, like that used in football, as you filmed the first season of “The Knick”?
Clive Owen: I play someone who’s struggling with various kinds of addictions, so it behooves me to plot where I’m at at any particular point. If we go to a location and I’m shooting scenes for five different episodes, I need to know where I am [as the character]. Am I flying? Am I really struggling? To have a visual graphic worked fine for me.
Zap2it: The writing seems to work fine for you, too. Did you want assurances of that before you signed up for the series?
Clive Owen: That’s obviously a concern for me. I was being asked to commit on the basis of reading only one script, but once I spoke to Steven [Soderbergh], he knew how smart the writers were … and I have to say they’ve sustained the journey of the character, and the stories down the line were even better than that original one, which I was pretty blown away by.

Zap2it: How is it to have Oscar and Emmy winner Steven Soderbergh directing all the episodes while he also serves as an executive producer?

Clive Owen: The reality is that [being the star of the series] was a huge thing to carry, but when you’re working with someone of his quality, the real joy is that you’re left to worry about just the things you’re supposed to — which is your acting. You know that everything else has been taken care of.
Posted by:Jay Bobbin