price is right sheree car audi spyder win The lady who won a $157,300 car on 'The Price is Right' reacts exactly how you wouldSheree didn’t make it to the Showcase on Monday’s (Dec. 30) “The Price is Right,” but she still won the biggest prize in the show’s history: In the clip below, watch her lose her freaking mind as she wins a car worth more than $157,000.

After bidding correctly on Prada shoes — her competitors crazily underbid — she played a game called Gas Money with a prize worthy of both Big Money week and Dream Car week: a 2013 Audi R8 Spyder Quattro convertible.

Even though you know she’s going to win, watching her play the game is suspenseful enough, since she’s already won several thousand dollars. But it’s worth it for the reaction when she wins — she runs around the stage, jumping and screaming like a crazy person. Come on, that’s exactly how you know you would react if you won a car worth more than multiple years of work.

Drew Carey and his “Price is Right” beauty can’t believe her luck either.

Posted by:Jean Bentley