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“The Last Ship” may have had its premiere, but the story is just getting going. The crew of the Nathan James, after all, still needs to save the world. A few spoilers for upcoming episodes make that clear.

Guantanamo Bay is about as fun as you’d expect

Some things never change, even after a deadly virus strikes the world and kills nearly everyone. Guantanamo Bay is one of those unchanging things. Because they need more fuel, Captain Chandler points his ship in the direction of the prison in Cuba. They expect it to be deserted, but that’s not exactly the case.

“We run into some problems there with al-Qaeda,” star Eric Dane teases about the Gitmo visit in episode 2. “It seems like it was stolen from the headlines, but we actually shot it months ago.”

What sort of problems? Let’s just say that the virus did not exactly devastate all of the terrorism prison at the base.

New faces?

In a world decimated by disease and on a show set on an isolated Navy vessel, you wouldn’t expect a lot of new people to show up. You would be wrong. “Every single episode is met with different challenges and villains — lots of villains,” Dane says of “The Last Ship” in its first season.

Those villains are coming quickly too. Look for enemies to pop up as early as episode 2, while answers about those helicopters and the atomic explosion come with a master villain in episode 3.


When testing a vaccine, you need animals to be test subjects. Thus far, Dr. Scott has mostly been dealing in birds and lab rats, but later vaccine trials may require a different kind of subject — the monkey.

“We have to go up-river when we get to Costa Rica,” Dane says of that difficulty. “We have to find some monkeys to test the possible vaccine.”

One possible problem: If the monkeys are susceptible to the virus, wouldn’t they already be dead? And if they’re not susceptible, why bother with the testing? This could cause even more problems for “The Last Ship.”

“The Last Ship” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on TNT.

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