“Mad Men” star Jon Hamm visited Craig Ferguson on “The Late Late Show” Tuesday night (April 8th), where he got to watch his floppy-haired, “fabulous” 90’s appearance on “The Big Date,”  which made the viral rounds last week. 

“And that’s how I met your mother,” Hamm quips afterwards. When Craig asks if he was chosen, Hamm says, “Oh no! Would you have picked me?!”
Hamm goes on to say, “I think the best thing about this whole thing is thinking of whatever intern was going through the stacks of videotapes from some production company in North Hollywood somewhere, trying to upload them onto YouTube … ‘wait a minute … that can’t? Wait, go back.'” 
We agree. Whoever discovered this gem probably had a really good day.
A slightly less floppy-haired Jon Hamm is back this Sunday, April 13th, when “Mad Men” returns for Season 7 at 10pm ET/PT.
Posted by:Kiley Thompson