Things are about the change for Paul Scheer’s Andre on “The League.” He’s getting married to Trixie (Jayma Mays), which surely means the time has come to become a responsible adult and put the sillier things behind him, right? Not at all. Paul spoke with Zap2it at the FXX network launch party about just how ridiculous things will continue be.
“Oh my God, things are changing! No, they’re not,” he says. “It’s the same old stuff, the same characters doing more funny stuff.” One of those things includes his actual wedding, which has a theme. “It’s a little bit like a bar mitzvah meets a wedding. It’s ‘Top Gun’ inspired and it’s called ‘Top Groom.’ So there’s some classic Maverick/Goose references.” That sounds very promising.
What about draft day, though? After all, “The League” isn’t “The League” without fantasy football. Due to poor planning somewhere along the line, the annual draft falls during the weekend of the wedding, which doesn’t sit well with Trixie. Even though she tells Andre no, “It’s the show, so of course he’s going to draft. We couldn’t have a show where he didn’t draft.” No better way to start a marriage than by making your wife angry.

Scheer also addressed the show’s move to a new network, admitting that while it’s fun, the change is scary. “I don’t really understand why we’re launching on a new network, but we are.” He likens the situation to saying, “Hey everybody, we’re having an awesome party at our house. But here’s the thing, I live on a deserted island.”
Still, Scheer believes fans will find the show, even if it takes a couple episodes for them to do so.

Lastly, Paul talked about a web series he did called “The ArScheerio Paul Show.” The show features Scheer and his celebrity friends recreating interviews from early 90s episodes of “The Arsenio Hall Show,” word for word. There are currently nine episodes of the show, featuring people like Seth Rogen as Gary Coleman and Max Greenfield as Vanilla Ice.
Paul says he’d like to do more episodes, and actually get Arsenio himself involved if possible. “He’s seen it,” Scheer says, “and I offered for him to come on.” What’s his dream scenario for getting Hall on the show? “I really want him to come on and be Ike Turner. Cause Ike Turner came on “The Arsenio Hall Show” and was so abusive to him, it was hilarious.”
Paul also says he wouldn’t mind appearing on Arsenio’s new talk show, portraying the 90s version of the host, naturally.
“The League” Season 5 premieres Wednesday, September 4, at 10:30 p.m. ET on FXX. To find out how to watch FXX on your TV, check out
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