Jon Lajoie, one of the stars of “The League,” has decided to follow the examples of “Veronica Mars” and Zach Braff by starting a Kickstarter campaign. Except this Kickstarter is a little different — Lajoie wants his fans to donate $500 million in order to make him super-rich.

At least he’s honest about it?

Obviously this particular Kickstarter is a joke and a parody mocking other famous and wealthy people who want their fans to pay for things instead of paying for themselves. It is, however, probably a good thing that a comedian like Lajoie did this before a huge celebrity actually managed to get money for essentially nothing.

But let’s assume this Kickstarter was real for a second. What could you get for pledging your hard-earned cash so that Jon Lajoie can go jet-skiing whenever he wants?

  • $20 (the lowest pledge amount): Absolutely nothing
  • $50: A photograph of Lajoie burning a $50 bill while riding a jet-ski
  • $500: Lajoie will plug your business in a video
  • $1000: A video of Lajoie being disgusted by your Facebook profile
  • $10,000: Lajoie will allow you to tell your friends that you met him

Joke or not, Jon Lajoie’s fundraising is doing very well. Only three days into his 90 day campaign, supporters have pledged over $10.6 million. This technically makes Lajoie’s Kickstarter the largest in the site’s history.

Too bad (or maybe thank goodness) it’s not real!

Posted by:Laurel Brown