the leftovers penguin one us zero hbo 'The Leftovers' Season 1, episode 2 recap: 'Penguin One, Us Zero'In the second episode of “The Leftovers” we don’t get all the answers to the burning questions the pilot left us with, but we do get a lot of much needed information about the characters we are following in Mapleton, NY.

Kevin, struggling with making sense of several bizarre instances that have occurred in the past couple of weeks, decides to see a therapist. The therapist kind of adds to the uneasy feelings Kevin has been working through and has us wondering more and more if these events actually happened or if its all a dream. And if they are dreams, what do they mean?

Wayne’s creepy factor goes up exponentially when it is revealed his technique for helping people is hugging the pain away. Then even creepier, he has a major thing for underage Asian women and has a whole house of them tucked away in the middle of nowhere for his pleasure. Thankfully, the authorities get wind of all of this and don’t catch Wayne, but do rescue all the women he has been hiding away, except for his favorite, Christine. Tom is able to escape with her and brings her back to Wayne. Except for Wayne needs to run, so he leaves Tom in charge of her and it is looking more and more like Tom is in a bad situation he can’t escape from. 

We find out much more about Nora Durst (Carrie Coon), who after losing her entire family in the sudden departure, has become a local celebrity of sorts. After seeing Nora in a diner with a gun in her purse, Aimee and Jill are so intrigued they follow her. We find out Nora’s new life’s purpose is helping people receive departure benefits for their lost loved ones.

Probably the best part of the episode is when Kevin gets a search warrant to enter the “GR” pledge house and gets to talk to Meg. The heat coming off the two of them when they were chatting was intense. But of course Meg still has a fiance, who after finding out where Meg is from Chief Garvey, refuses to go and see her and expresses intense anger for his fiance just up and leaving him in the middle of the night. Laurie gets Meg to open up and we find out Meg is struggling with the loss of her mother.

The mystery man with the dog obsession is finally seen by someone other than Kevin, when Aimee and Jill see him when they get home from stalking Nora, leaving us even more confused about who he is and what he wants with Mr. Garvey.

This prompts Kevin to go visit his father in a mental hospital and when he arrives, Mr. Garvey senior is hanging out with Mayor Warburton, creating yet more wonder in our minds about what the history between he and Lucy is. Kevin thinks he might be losing it like his father and grills him about when he first started feeling like his mind was going to a strange place. In the middle of their conversation, Kevin’s father starts hearing voices and he tells him they said they sent or are sending somebody to help him, but he might want to keep everything about his interactions with that person to himself.

In the end, it is looking like Meg is ready to join the “GR.” Will the “GR” be able to ease her pain? They say their purpose is to remind people of what happened, but it is unclear what the plan is to achieve that purpose. How does that help take the pain away?

The mystery and intrigue of this series continues to build and episode 3 just can’t come soon enough, hopefully we will get some of these questions answered, but we have a feeling we will just be adding more to the list.

Posted by:Sarah Huggins