legend of korra book 2 'The Legend of Korra' Season 2 premiere: Korra's troubles are only just beginning

Season 2 of “The Legend of Korra” premiered on Nickelodeon Friday (Sept. 13) with an epic hour-long introduction that found Korra learning that “Happily ever after” is just a myth.

The first two episodes of Book 2: Spirits jumped ahead six months after Korra had defeated Amon and restored balance to Republic City by entering the Avatar State in the Season 1 finale. She was bored with Tenzin’s repetitive airbending classes and was feeling stifled, while boyfriend Mako was kicking butt and taking names as a cop but annoying Korra at every turn. Though they clearly love each other, they still have a long way to go as a couple.

The adventure begins when Korra’s uncle, Chief Unalaq (Korra’s father Tonraq’s brother), announces that because the Southern Water Tribe has lost its spiritual connection, the spirits are angry. His words are proven true when dark spirits attack, and Korra must journey to the South Pole to unlock the portal to the spiritual world, bringing balance back to the south.

Along the way, Korra realizes she must ditch Tenzin as her instructor in favor of Unalaq, who has trained in the spiritual ways his whole life. In order to bring balance, Korra must master the ways of the spirits, so she parts with Tenzin and her father — who doesn’t take her choice well.

Korra ends up finding the strength to defeat some angry spirits and opens the portal, but when they arrive back at the Southern Water Tribe, Unalaq’s bigger scheme is revealed: he wants to put the Southern Water Tribe back in touch with their spiritual side, and he has brought his fleet of Northern Water Tribe warships to help him do it by force if necessary.

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Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum