little couple bill klein focus on abilities 'The Little Couple' sneak peek: Bill explains why the word 'midget' is offensiveIn Zap2it‘s sneak peek of a new episode of TLC’s “The Little Couple” on Tuesday (May 6), Bill Klein visits his friend’s cable access TV show to discuss why the word “midget” is offensive to him and his friends.

“A friend of mine runs a show called ‘Focus on Abilities,’ and he invited me to be one of his guests to talk a little bit about having a disability and career opportunities and some of the obstacles I’ve had to overcome,” he explains.

He tells a story about how a story about how a prospective employer yelled at an underling for balking at his height rather than looking at his qualifications, and explains why “the m-word” is offensive.

“Why is the m-word, midget, a bad word? It’s more the fact that nobody’s ever said it to me or anybody I know where they were referring to me in a positive light and that being a compliment,” he explains.

“The Little Couple” airs Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.

Posted by:Jean Bentley