mentalist-fire-and-brimstone-rescheduled.JPGThe hunt for Red John on “The Mentalist” will take a little longer than initially planned, thanks to a late-ending NFL game Sunday (Nov. 3).

CBS’ broadcast of the game between the New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday afternoon ran until almost 8 p.m. ET, pushing back the network’s prime-time schedule by a full hour. On Sundays when it airs NFL doubleheaders, CBS starts its prime-time lineup at 7:30 ET with “60 Minutes,” but the high-scoring, pass-heavy game (New England won, 55-31) ate up that buffer and then some.

As a result, “The Mentalist” would not have begun airing until just before 11 p.m. ET, the end of the prime-time window. For a while Sunday evening, it looked as though CBS would stick with its plan to air a new episode titled “Fire and Brimstone” regardless of the late start time. At the last minute, though, the network decided to pull the new episode and air a repeat instead.

“Fire and Brimstone” is now scheduled to air at 10:30 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 10, with “scheduled” being the key word. CBS has another NFL doubleheader on tap for that afternoon, so the start time could fluctuate again. The episode previously scheduled for Nov. 10 will move back a week to Nov. 17, and the “Red John” episode — in which Jane (Simon Baker) finally comes face-to-face with the serial killer who murdered his family — is set for Nov. 24.

Posted by:Rick Porter