mentalist-owain-yeoman-amanda-righetti-final-ep.JPGFans of “The Mentalist” have known since last summer that two of the show’s regulars, Owain Yeoman and Amanda Righetti, would be leaving the series. Now their farewell episode is upon us.

Sunday’s (March 23) episode, “White as the Driven Snow,” will be the last episode for their characters, and they’re not going out quietly. Van Pelt (Righetti) was kidnapped at the end of last week’s show, and Sunday’s episode centers on Rigsby’s (Yeoman) and Jane’s (Simon Baker) frantic search for her.

“It’s a very dynamic episode,” Yeoman tells TV Guide. “I think our show pushed the envelope. … It felt very different than what we’ve done.”

Rigsby and Van Pelt’s exits were set up earlier in the season: In the two-year time jump that followed the conclusion of the Red John story and the dismantling of the CBI, the couple moved into the private sector and had a baby. They’ve been drawn back into Jane’s orbit in the past few episodes with CBI killer story.

Their swan song “becomes this action-packed quest for Rigsby to quite literally save the life of his wife,” Yeoman says. “The stakes couldn’t be higher for my character.”

“The Mentalist” airs at 10 p.m. ET/PT Sunday on CBS. A delayed start is possible in much of the country if the network’s NCAA tournament coverage runs over into primetime.

Posted by:Rick Porter