mentalist season 6 finale blue bird 'The Mentalist' Season 6 finale: Does Jane make a play for Lisbon?We know “The Mentalist” has been renewed for another season, and we know both leads, Simon Baker and Robin Tunney, will be back as well.

So the only question hanging over Sunday’s (May 18) season finale seems to be whether Jane (Baker) will try to prevent Lisbon (Tunney) from accepting Pike’s (Pedro Pascal) proposal and moving to Washington. TV convention would suggest that’s what will happen, but “The Mentalist” hasn’t exactly followed the rulebook this season.

This was, after all, a show that went fully serialized for the first part of the season, then did a big reset after that. Will it push things a little more here by letting Lisbon go, at least temporarily?

Perhaps. “Mentalist” creator Bruno Heller says the comfort Jane feels around Lisbon could be a barrier to him expressing how he feels about her.

“Up to this point he’s kind of had — it’s not like he’s had his cake, he hasn’t been able to eat the cake, but he’s had the cake,” Heller says. “Until somebody else tries to take the cake, you think, ‘Well, one day I can eat that.'”

Oh, and one more thing we know about the finale: Jane ends up with a drink in his face at some point. That either bodes badly for the future or is part of whatever game he’s running — we’ll find out when “The Mentalist” airs its Season 6 finale at 10 p.m. ET/PT Sunday on CBS. Here’s a peek at the episode:

Posted by:Rick Porter