juliette goglia mjfoxshow 3 'The Michael J. Fox Show' Episode 3, 'Art': Is Eve the new Alex P. Keaton?

Is Eve Henry the new Alex P. Keaton?

You might think so, based on the early going for Juliette Goglia‘s character on NBC’s “The Michael J. Fox Show,” since she’s proving herself wise beyond her years in the way Fox’s politically minded Alex was on “Family Ties.”

After becoming a video auteur and supporting a progressive new friend in the two premiere-night episodes, Eve shows a knack for photography — alarmingly advanced photography as it turns out, at least in the eyes of Mike and Annie — on Thursday’s (Oct. 3) tale, “Art.”

They’re pleased about the more open personality Eve displays since taking an interest in photo-taking, until they discover her subject: nude men. They then take turns trying to steer her, gently, from that theme. Mike fails first, making an analogy to his old music-playing days that convinces Eve, “It’s so great that you get it … my art … me!”¬†

She decides to dedicate her project to him, not exactly a thrill for Mike, then it’s Annie’s turn to botch reverse psychology. She tells Eve the story of a performance-art friend whose life (and hair) went awry, the result being Eve’s desire to photograph Annie, who surprisingly gets into it. Even when Eve tells her, “Now lose the top.”

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Eve is so proud of that last photo, she plans to showcase it in a community-center show … prompting Mike to tell Annie, “There’s only one option left to us: art heist.” Armed with flashlights, they sneak into the rather unsecured center late at night, and Mike deduces they’ll have to steal other items as well so they don’t become automatic suspects if only Annie’s picture is missing.

They don’t get that far, though. A security guard enters, and while he doesn’t know Mike from Adam — despite local-TV-news stardom — he recognizes Annie immediately from her photo, even when she’s wearing a top. And after he asks, “Can I get the other guards in here?,” Mike and Annie make a run for it.

Eve is mortified after learning of the break-in, but her parents declare that’s “it” for her photographing nudes “because we said so,” as Mike puts it. He marvels at also using every other “parenting cliche in the book,” including the ever-popular “not as long as you’re living under this roof.”

And he’s cool with not being as cool in Eve’s view, reasoning (as he says to viewers at the story’s end) that “we all need boundaries. They make us feel safe, protected, cared for. And without them, we’d have nothing to rebel against.”

What do you think of Eve on “The Michael J. Fox Show”?
Posted by:Jay Bobbin